2009-01-04 11:16:05

Symantec Endpoint Protection Popup Message Annoying

I found Symantec Endpoint Protection was installed on my nb by MIS someday. I was fine with that since I had no control what software the company decided to install on company's latptop.

Today, it really pissed my off!!!

I brought my laptop back home since 1/1 was a long vacation. I turned it on, connected to intranet via VPN, doing some stuff, then left it turned on for hours.

When I was back to my laptop, I found the network connection was reconnected, and the VPN is broken. Since the VPN was broken, I was exposed under public connection. All of us knows that the internet is not a safe place sice there are many people keep scanning hosts for exploits. Then I found Endpoint kept pop messages up.

The Endpoint insisted to display them all, and I had no way to turn it off!!! That's REALLY ANNOYING!!! The message told me that someone was trying to send a malicious packet to my laptop, and that attempt was blocked by Endpoint. So what? There's nothing I can do about it. Endpoint caught that, good, and can you just stop annoy me?

During the write of this blog (that's about ten minues), the Endpoint message still kept popping up. I was already back to VPN since then. Why does Symantec think a user really care about every instance about scan attempt?

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