2003-03-28 10:34:22

FreeBSD port for Subversion 0.20.1

FreeBSD port for Subversion 0.20.1 is out. You could download it at here

The diff is sent to the maintainer of devel/subversion. Before use this port, you have to apply pr #50309 to upgrade apr to 0.92-alpha.

由 plasma 於 2003-03-28 10:34:22 所發表

ports/50309 is committed into ports, so just upgrade your port tree and apply my subversion port.

路人甲 於 2003-03-28 17:31:58 所發表

The maintainer of devel/subversion sent ports/50511 . Hope it will get committed into ports tree soon. :-)

路人甲 於 2003-04-02 14:00:36 所發表

ports/50511 is committed. So we have devel/subversion up to 0.20.1 in fbsd ports.

路人甲 於 2003-04-04 16:39:46 所發表