2004-05-03 12:50:36

Making Hibernation Partition On ThinkPad X23

This is not the frist time for me to create a hibernation partition on my laptop, and it's a bit annoying to search for the URL of the utility to do this.

So, I decide to write it down.

BTW, the OS is FreeBSD.

* Go to the following URL and fetch "Hibernation utility diskette II for standalone boot": http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-4PESMK . Make the floppy.

* Boot from the floppy. Following the instructions on the screen and make a hibernation partition. Take out the diskette and reboot.

* FreeBSD is not able to boot up. The screen shows 'Read error'. Seems the boot manager is overwritten. Don't panic, your lovely FreeBSD isn't altered. It's time to take out your bootable FreeBSD CD-ROM. You do have it at hand, don't you?

* Configure -> Label. Don't change any parameter here. Press 'w' to write the untouched layout back onto hard disk. It's fine if you don't change anything. Then it'll ask you to select a boot manger. Choose one except 'none'. You have to do things this way to make the setup program to write boot manager onto HD.

* Reboot. Now we have our FreeBSD back (untouched), and hibernation by pressing Fn+F12 works now.

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